Why Do People Feel The Need To Check In

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With the launch of Facebook Check-In Deals in Australia last year, and with Foursquare already delivering this mechanism, there will soon be a rush for businesses to embrace the ability for their clients to check-in at their location and reward them appropriately.

But even without rewards, why do people want to keep telling us where they are? A few ideas come to mind. The first is that our our human psyche tells us to relate our movements. The first thing any human has done when discovering a new world– from Columbus to Armstrong – is to plant a flag. These grand acts are mirrored by the average person’s actions, symbolic gestures to indicate where we are, or where we’ve been. Whether we’re looking at cave paintings, sophisticated hieroglyphics or even carving on a park bench, it is human nature is to mark our territory with our own communication.

This has continued through modern ages. People who founded towns or built houses often named them after themselves. But what is the point? Satisfaction. And many years later, people will still know you were there.

So marketers, if you haven’t sunk your teeth into Facebook Check-In Deals, get on the band wagon.

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