Why Isn’t My SEO Strategy Working?

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Are You Using Outdated Strategies?

SEO best practices change every day because Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. Read more on Getting Your SEO Right.

Is Your Website Relevant?

To win Google’s attention, you need to have a strong social media presence and demonstrated user engagement on your site. Read more on how to get more traffic to your site.

No Google Analytics or Goal & Funnels Installed?

Google Analytics and goal tracking programs give you all the information you need to determine what’s working and what isn’t working on your site. Read more on Google Analytics Principles.

Too Much Competition?

If your competing against aged sites carrying well-known brand names, you may ultimately find it easier to generate website traffic using alternative techniques like content marketing or social media marketing.

Narrow Keywords

If your chosen keyword phrases that are too narrow in their subject area reach such as “women’s blue shoes for sale,” you wont see high search volumes initially. Read more on steps to take on conducting keyword research.

Keyword Search Volume Not Enough

Keyword search volume is tricky to measure accurately, read more about keyword research and competition.

Failures In Link Building

In the recent Google updates, Panda and Penguin, it’s important to be aware that you can’t just build any old links you please. High quality, natural-looking links are important. Read more on quality links building.

Just Be Impatient

Unfortunately, SEO results don’t happen overnight.  You can plug away for weeks or months at a time without seeing improvements, only to have your rankings jump a few places just before you were about to give up all hope of ever experiencing SEO success. There’s no way to predict when your SEO activities will pay off, which means that patience is a virtue that all SEOs and webmasters must practice.

Keep in mind that these recommendations only scratch the surface in terms of why your SEO is not working. If this all sounds too complicated, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.